Philosophy & Purpose

MOVE PT Studio is the brainchild of Paul Brice. Paul is a highly successful and widely respected Exercise Specialist and Master Personal trainer. Paul has been running health clubs and gyms for over 30 years, and for MOVE the very DNA of the studio is different from anything else in the Great Yarmouth area.

The MOVE PT Difference


Gyms have long catered for just 15% of the population, with the vast majority of people avoiding exercise in public for a whole variety of reasons. 

MOVE provides a highly personalised approach for 85% who routinely avoid the gym, or those who have not been able to get the help they need to reach their goals. We aim to show that any one can feel at home exercising, whatever their shape, size or condition. The purpose or DNA of MOVE PT Studio is explained:


PrivacyMOVE PT Studio only provides trainer led programmes. By having tiny numbers of people using the studio at one time, customers feel more comfortable and know they are receiving the very best personalised service.


EquipmentEach item of equipment has been selected by Paul Brice, much of it is highly specialised and simply not available in standard gyms.


ExpertiseThe MOVE team boasts an array of trainers with different skill sets, areas of knowledge and experience. Customers can get help to choose the trainer that will best suit their needs.


Client FocusA core value common to all our trainers, therapists and advisers, is that they all give their undivided attention to their clients. 


EnjoymentA personal trainer will always support and motivate you to get the most form your workouts. Even if you find exercise hard to do, you will always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each session.

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