Spotlight On Acupuncture At MOVE PT Studio

Eleanor Porter offers Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

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Are you in Pain?

Do you have a new or long term illness?

Do you need to take regular medication?

Are you fed up because your quality of life is suffering?

If you can answer Yes to any of these Questions then maybe it is time to think about Alternative Treatments, one of which is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Understanding your overall health is the key to unlocking your body's ability to heal itself. An Acupuncturist will ask you questions about all sorts of health related and seemingly un-related issues. This information allows them to piece together an overall picture of your past and current health condition. This in turn can help you to improve this potential to heal by re-directing energy to deal with your symptoms whilst simultaneously rebalancing and boosting the energy to the organs that may be causing your illness and pain.

To do this they will use tiny needles in very specific points both at the site of pain and in points that will have a positive effect on the cause of your illness. Acupuncture is believed by many to be an invasive and painful treatment until you try it. Many patients wonder why they were so apprehensive and amazed at how quickly a change can occur with an illness that Doctors have almost given up on. The needles are the width of a human hair, 1/10 the width of a hypodermic needle, and you generally need only a small number of needles for your condition. 

Move PT Studio is delighted that Eleanor Porter from Inspired Therapies, offers Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the therapy room.


Do not give up on your health, take control and let Eleanor help you achieve a healthier and happier quality of life with Acupuncture. Call now for more information on Mob: 07851 188538 or email using the button below.