Personal Training

Having your own personal trainer is possibly the most effective and rewarding way of working out. A great trainer watches you intently, listens to your feedback and continually makes your programme more and more bespoke to you.


Our studio space is restricted to our registered clients. To provide that 'exclusive' feel, numbers working out are limited to a maximum of 3 clients having personal training at one time. This goes to a maximum of 6 when we deliver the Tiny Group Training Sessions.

Being in the Covid-19 era, most of us wish to minimise risk by avoiding crowded spaces. Having a warehouse sized 1600 sq ft studio and our restricted usage policy, we know we have that covered.


We have selected a team of trainers with an amazing range of interests, skills and experience. This means that if you have a particular set of goals or health needs, selecting the right trainer should be simple.

You can meet or chat to one of our senior team and they should be able to help guide you as to would be the best trainer for you, your body, your schedule and your budget. 

Each of our trainers is self employed. This means they do not have standardised approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.

If you want to find out more you can do one of two things.

1.    You can meet the MOVE Team at the bottom of this page

2.    You can email us for guidance at the bottom of this page

Trainers fees vary depending upon their level of expertise, experience and qualifications. You will find each of the trainers contact details the MOVE Team page.